Wednesday Hangover Cure

Thanks to no class on Wednesdays , I woke up a little uneasy in the morning. It was around 10:00 a.m. and I had little energy to get out of bed. It kind of reminded me of that new Hardee’s commercial. But rather than fast fooding it, I gathered up all the energy I could though and headed to the kitchen in need of satisfying my hunger. Breakfast started with shredded hash browns, that way I could go back to the couch and lay down while they cooked. This was about all I thought I’d be eating this morning. Frozen peppers suddenly popped in mind from my dinner the night before, so I thought, “Hey, might as well add them too.” All of a sudden one thing kept leading to another. The aromas of a good Wednesday morning breakfast was fueling me with energy that I could not control. Out came two sausage patties, then the eggs, and then the ingredient the melts it all together: Cheese! This was no ordinary cheese though, it was shredded Sargento cheese with bacon bits in it! Before I knew it I had three pans going for breakfast! How cooking gets me going! I topped this breakfast off  by adding it all in a tortilla and smoothering it with Frank’s Hot Sauce and a sour cream. I ate every last bit of it and used all the energy I had left after to get back in bed. Day over.

Three Pans For Breakfast
Finished Product











Here are some of my other favorite Hangover Heroe recipes
The Hangover Burger
Grilled Cheese Animal Style
Cheesy Potato Fries

What are some of your favorite meals to get you over your aching hangover? Feel free to share below!


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